Two Root Truth
Two Root Truth

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We Root. We Truth. We Write.


Two kindred souls passionate about exploring truth and connecting people through the art of storytelling and songwriting.


A collective, a positive space for the willing - for the open - for those seeking belonging and connection.


All of the time.


Here, there and everywhere.


Because authentically woven words strung together and delivered on time and on purpose can heal and comfort beyond measure. This we are certain of.


Act as a bridge that connects the literature to the listener.

First we ROOT.

Then we TRUTH.

Then we WRITE.

The Writers
The Writers
Lead Writer & Co-Founder

Maureen Murphy

From a very young age Maureen observed that music can create the most genuine connections. Born a lover of people, her initial intention was to master her art as a vocalist in order to participate in the community. Through experience and conversation, she learned that the magic of story is not only in the delivery of the words but most importantly, in the creation. Just like Louis Armstrong reminds us, Maureen believes that perception is a choice and the world is truly wonderful.

Lead Writer & Co-Founder

Christie Anne Hansen

With an obsession for nostalgia through melody and words, Christie Anne believes that storytelling through song is of the most powerful communication tools, healing avenues and therapeutic releases that we can experience on our own and through connection with others. Music has always had a way of bringing her exactly what she needs exactly as she needs it, with impeccable timing, when she's needed it most.

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